Monday, June 4, 2012

Shelly Beach - Coloured Sea Glass Finds

I'm all about coloured sea glass at the moment. I love when you see nature imprinting itself onto the man made and making it better! A dangerous broken bit of glass made smooth and frosty by the ocean to the point it almost looks like nature produced it herself :) As we were walking along Shelly beach I mentioned to Ben I was hoping we'd find some sea glass... Before I had even finished the sentence we both looked down at the thousands of broken shells. Ben leaned down and picked up a beautiful purple piece of glass we had spotted at the same time, at the exact moment I said what I wanted to find. How cool.

I didn't have a purple piece of sea glass in my collection either so it made it all the more magical!


  1. looking for treasures in the beach is one of my favorites things to do .D


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