Thursday, July 26, 2012

Grandma's 82nd Birthday

The other week I headed to Grandma's for her birthday, it's always nice to see Grandma and my family. I made Grandma that Pom Pom bunny from this tutorial, if anyone was wondering :p



  1. Awww she is so good at posing for photos :)
    Wish some of that had passed on to me hahaha!
    LOVE that bunny you made, so adorable!!

  2. She is!!! Model in the making :)
    You're a rad poser too, mmm, not poser in the bad sense :p
    Didn't you like your photos? I thought they turned out super pretty :)

    Love ya!!!

  3. I did like the photos you took! You're good at angles and stuff :)
    I just mean doing cute poses and stuff, I pretty much just stand there and say cheese hahaha! I should get more adventurous :)

    I'll reply to your awesome letter soon too, so exciting to get photos and a letter the other day! :) Might not get it til you're back now though, are you excited about your trip? I'm excited and I'm not even going haha! :D Have super fun times matey, catch you when you're back!
    Loves back xo

  4. Yeah I know what you mean I always do the same poses too! They should make a book of poses for us people stuck a rut, lol. I'm so super excited about the trip, crazy busy, left too many things to the last minutes, oops!!

    He he he, I'll chat to you when we're back about a catch up :)

  5. what the! jake is like, a giant! and your grandma is still adorably squishy! and that pom-pom rabbit is the ultimate cuteness! so many exclamation marks!

  6. Jake has definitely grown! Grandma is adorably squishy!!!
    I too felt the need for sme exclamation marks :)


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