Friday, July 27, 2012

Mooloolaba Gelati

Pity I've decided to cut out sugar!
I've almost completed two weeks of no sugar, my only slip up being a punnet of strawberries but come on who can resist strawberries!!
Ben is back today!!! Six weeks of absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder,
I have butterflies in my stomach. Tomorrow is my last day at work and then it's off to Tasmania for a week, I've set a few posts during the week, so my blog isn't a complete ghost town.
See you guys on the other side!


  1. Fee, I am impressed at your willpower - resisting gelati!!! :) So delicious and so pretty how they present it

    I'm strangely enough looking forward to when I can safely start dieting again, feeling decidedly overloaded at the moment lol
    (although if I'm faced with gelati at any point even then, all bets are off hehe)

    HOORAAAAY for Ben being home! And another HOORAY for holidays! :) Have fun lovely lady, give Ben a hug from me and yeah I can't wait to hear about all your Tasmanian adventures when you're home!

  2. oooo a total sugar ban!!! how did you feel at the beginning? were you craving it lots? is it better now? or do you want gelato when you see gelato?

    i always think i don't eat much sugar because i don't really like lollies or soft drinks but then i forget that i eat a bucketload of fruit...

    how long are you cutting out sugar? and why?

    and where are you going in tassie? are you renting a car and driving around? staying in one place? doing a massive overnight hike?? mmm it's going to be beautiful! i'm already anticipating the lovely photos (:

  3. Hey Heather, shall give Ben a hug from you to him :)
    I look forward to catching up with you!!! Yay

    Emaya, lots of questions! Umm
    The sugar thing, the first two days were really really hard and now I don't really crave sugar, I do miss fruit and chocolate milks though, mmm so maybe I am stoll craving it. Chocolate was really the hardest but I've found a good source from the local organic store that does non sugar chocolate, let's just say your body adjusts, to things not quite as delicious. The trip is going to be hard I feel I will go back to my normal ways when milkshakes are up for offer. It's easy to eat healthy when you buy all your ingrediants but when you're out eating I imagine it's going to be a lot harder!

    I decided to cut out sugar and just start eating better because I was having really bad brain fog, actually still am, I thought maybe all the sugar I was eating wasn't helping. I'm still feeling really doughy though, so I think I might go back to the dr and get my b12 checked again.

    Tassie...we are renting a campervan and pretty much driving all the way around, well as much as you can do in a week, I had to cut out large chunks but we should still see a good chunk, towns and nature and animals! I'm looking forward to it :)

    Have you been to Tassie before?

  4. Aww feefs! Brain fog sounds bad :( You should take b12 tablets everyday! I hope you figure it out/feel clear again soon x

    Tassie adventures sound like they're going to be amazing! Nope, I've never been but would love to go one of these days....until then, I'm gonna sit here and wait for all your blog posts when you get back (:

  5. I do take b12 everyday I think though I have a problem absorbing it or something dodge! By the way almost finished our tas adventure, second last night and I've been drinking iced coffees and milkshakes like nobody's business, oops, feel great though :p

    I've taken a crazy amount of photos! Be prepared for some extreme blogging in the weeks to come!


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