Thursday, July 19, 2012

Low Expectations Road Trip - Auburn National Park

Auburn National Park was magical, I don't think the photos do it justice at all.
Ben and I were so lucky to have the place to ourselves, really beautiful!

Low Expectations Recap

1) Kilivan Cemetry

2) Kilkivan Smelter

3) Kilkivan

4) Kinbombi Falls

5) Goomeri

6) Biggeden

7) Coalstoun Lakes

8) Congarra Rock

9) Ban Ban Springs

10) Thompsons Crossing

11) Gayndah

12) Gayndah Bridges

13) to Munduberra

14) Munduberra

15) Arthur Dagg

16) Munduberra Cemetry



  1. wow. yup that place looks amazing!

  2. Ben even said he had some aboriginal spirit connection, I did not have such luck, but I did think it was super pretty it would be fun to swim at in summer too!

  3. wait. is ben part aboriginal????

    it would be so. peaceful to float around in there....<3 It really is SUCH a pretty place!

  4. Nah well not that I know of anyway, he just has the spirits in him :p

    Next time you head this way we should road trip to auburn, there were a few walking tracks we didn't get the chance to do and I'd be keen!

  5. hahaha whoops soz, i totally misread that!

    and yup! that's totally a great plan stan (:

    on a random note my parents are road tripping around eastern oz at the moment and I'm catching a train out to meet them in the mountains in western victoria tomorrow! i'm actually going to try and convince them to do a hike heheheheh things could end in tears (probably my tears of frustration...) x

  6. Oh my goodness, that's awesome, can you please take photos and start blogging again!!

    Road trippin forever!

  7. mmm yeah i know - i gotta finish that blog off! you know i have heaps of leftover norway + other places in europe adventures??? will do soon, i promise!

  8. You have to get blogging, your my international travel fix!!!


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