Friday, July 20, 2012

Low Expectations Road Trip - McConnell Lookout

When we got our train bridge info from the Big Orange there was also a suggested route to do the McConnell lookout on the way back. Since I had to be back home in time, it was a "see if we have time" type activity. Luckily we did and it turned out to be one of my favourite memories. The lookout itself was nice but it was meeting Jack McConnell that I'll remember :) At first I was a little concerned I would be late for work since the conversations never ended but it was really interesting to hear how the McConnell lookout came to be and all about his family history.

Definitely a worthy detour!

Low Expectations Recap

1) Kilivan Cemetry

2) Kilkivan Smelter

3) Kilkivan

4) Kinbombi Falls

5) Goomeri

6) Biggeden

7) Coalstoun Lakes

8) Congarra Rock

9) Ban Ban Springs

10) Thompsons Crossing

11) Gayndah

12) Gayndah Bridges

13) to Munduberra

14) Munduberra

15) Arthur Dagg

16) Munduberra Cemetry

17) Auburn National Park


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