Thursday, July 12, 2012

Low Expectations Road Trip - Congarra Rock


So after seeing lots of corn we decided one random dirt road looked promising as a way to get to Congarra rock. Have you ever heard the Magpie rhyme that goes like this..

One for sorrow,

Two for joy,

Three for a girl,

Four for a boy,

Five for silver,

Six for gold,

Seven for a secret,

Never to be told,

Eight for a wish,

Nine for a kiss

Ten for a bird

You must not miss.

To be honest I'd never heard it until Ben told it to me and we used it as our guide as to whether or not we should keep continuing down a track, we had no idea would even get us to Congarra rock. It was really sad to see one Magpie on it's own and think this was where we had to turn around but then that Magpie would be joined by another and we knew to keep going! Unfortunately this story doesn't end well and our sense of practicality kicked in long before we only saw one magpie :p. the magpies did lead us to a bush full of monarch and crow butterflies which was super exciting in itself maybe even more exciting than the rock wouldn't have been. Ben's step Dad offered to drive us to Congarra rock so we might have to take him up on the offer next time! Anyhoo time for the pictures....

I'm not sure if that last photos captures it but that was one scary looking place and we prayed not to break down in front of it :p

Low Expectations Recap

1) Kilivan Cemetry

2) Kilkivan Smelter

3) Kilkivan

4) Kinbombi Falls

5) Goomeri

6) Biggeden

7) Coalstoun Lakes




  1. I've never heard the magpie thing either :)
    That last place is a bit like a scene from a scary movie hehe
    Awesome roadtripping adventures! :)

  2. Maybe start checking out if you see packs of three or four magpies and if it matches your ultrasound, he he!

    The last place was scary and it was completed deserted, I don't think we saw one other car in our back road travels! Eep


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