Monday, July 16, 2012

Low Expectations Road Trip - Munduberra

Munduberra had the town with the most 'low expectations' attractions, I think mainly due to it being the biggest town on our list. We stopped in before arriving in town at the black stump, unfortunately the driver reviver team had come along with their unattractive banner so I was unable to do my awesome pose :p

That's alright, Munduberra had other things to offer like the sewage tower mural and the big mandarin, found oddly enough at the mandarin caravan park. After getting our snaps we had to work out our accommodation for the night, it was tough decision between five places but we settled on the Billabong Motor Inn, where strangely enough we were turned away, probably not as epically as Joseph and Mary but for a second it surely felt like it. We strolled up so confidently that no one would be staying the night in Munduberra to be told it was the weekend of the big golfing tournament...oh uh!

Deciding not to make more fools of ourselves we would ring ahead at the other places and if worst came to worse we would just drive home :p The next step back, was that our mobiles didn't have coverage, so we had to ring the next accommodation joint literally metres away from their check in counter, thanks Ben, whilst i waited parked in a car also metres away from their reception :p.

Success! And what lovely people, two thumbs up to the three rivers tourist park, who welcomed us with open arms and we didn't even have to bunk with animals! Had possibly the worst dinner of our lives, I won't name names cause the lady who dropped of our goodies was lovely :) dinner was partly my fault after I got nervous at the pub and made Ben run back to our accommodation and order eat in, sorry Ben! Next time I won't get intimated by the country pub folk, who I'm sure we're super nice, I just get nervous sometimes with strangers. Ben even ordered the take away in the rain from the phone booth, ahh he is a good egg and less than two weeks till he is home, can't wait!

Low Expectations Recap

11) Gayndah


  1. Hehehe aww I'm glad you got somewhere to stay in the end :)
    I like the bird nest shot, and the big madarin! Was it like the big pineapple where you can do tours and buy souvenirs?

  2. Definitely not as cool as the big pineapple, I think it's the parks office, it was shut when we got there so I'm not 100%

    I was happy we had somewhere to sleep too :)



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