Wednesday, July 4, 2012

North Arm School Fete

What seems like yonks ago now, Ben and I headed to North arm for their school fete. They had a rad petting zoo but unfortunately it was being overwhelmed by small children ever time we walked past. Ben did pay an entry fee just to pat the animals from the outside though :)

We got to see their kitchen garden set up through the Stephanie Alexander program which made me long for something similiar in my non existant backyard!
And then afterwards Ben and I spent some time admiring some very pretty swans from the lake down the road



  1. Argh bloomin kids stealing all the animal pats! :)
    Very beautiful swan photos! Love the one at the end with the flock of birds too, awesome!

  2. I decided Ben and I needed our own petting zoo until I thought that one through and realised baby animals grow into adults..oops

    It was a really nice area, never really explored before so that's always good!


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