Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What's been happening?

Life's been going on but my blog hasn't been!


Road Tripping with my lovely boyfriend + a couple more Big Things crossed off my list!

Maryborough's charm

Marry Poppins!!

A visit from a plumber!

The cutest tooth fairy box!
*Ben left again for the desert :(

*I spent the first week of his departure madly cleaning my unit! It sparkles now!

*i've been having lots of fun photography adventures. I keep trying to learn more about photography and improve, it's been rad! Swans, geocaching with the family, a road trip with Ben just before he left and then this weekend just gone, I experienced my first ever Mary Poppins festival , it did not disappoint, these photos above are just some teasers!

*My unit nearly flooded but didn't. Luckily I just happened to be awake at midnight and go outside. The water inches away from coming in. I spent till 5am bailing water, it was raining, it was freezing but I was working like a maniac to stop the water coming in and was going around in shorts and a t-shirt I'm pretty sure I experienced some sort of delirium during the night. I found out my real estates's emergency number is nothing more than an answering machine and that plumbers must be very busy in wet weather because nobody would answer my calls! I think feeling alone is one of the worst feelings out there!

* I got my wisdom out today! I was meant to get both my remaining wisdoms out, but the dentist wanted the last sucker to come through a little more, grrr, I'm so impatient I just want them all gone! In happier news how cute is the little container they gave me for my tooth! I have a feeling only kids ask for their teeth! He he

*i miss crunchy foods already but happy with my baby foods selection this time!


  1. Fee!
    I have been missing your blogs :)
    Aw poor wisdom tooth victim *gentle hug* hope it heals up quickly!
    Bailing water in the cold with noone returning your calls sounds HORRIBLE matey :( dodgy buggers having an answering machine as an emergency number....that's very dodgy in my opinion! Glad you didnt actually get flooded though!
    Mary poppins festival?!?! that is amazing, never heard of that before, sneak peek looks super cool!
    Sadness that Ben's gone out to the desert again - hope the time passes quickly!
    If you're after some more photography challenges - I have a big one for you (literally) - some nice photos of me pregnant! Hehe only if you have time of course - its just every photo I've tried to get taken of me looks ghastly but I'd like to get some, even just one of me dan and bump in front of the T-rex, to start off our annual series hehehe. But I'm thinking just in front of the fence - dont think the trex would fit in the shot if we go into the actual garden :)

    Anyway, I shall see you on sunday - are you still heading to nannas? I haven't told her I'm coming, let me know if you guys have something special planned cause I don't want to crash - we thought we'd just pop in for a couple hours or so :)

    huge comment - sorry sorry haha!
    love ya missy, take care

  2. Hey Heather!
    You know I would totally love to take photos!!! Weeeee challenge 100% accepted! Name a day and I'll be there, unless the evils of work have already booked me :(

    Totally not crashing!!!
    Love to see you guys on Sunday if not very soon I hope :)
    Could even do the photos after grandmas, not sure about the time though, I have to work at six so i need to be back at my place a bit before five, mmm, might work??

    Lots of love!!!!

  3. Yay! Cool I'll have a look at the calendar and be in touch :)
    Might have time to do the dino shot, I'll leave it up to you don't want you to be late! Wait and see what time we leave nanna's and if there's enough we could do it on your way through maybe :)
    I thought for other ones maybe we could go out to shorncliffe or somewhere else pretty like that, but I'll put my thinking cap on more for that one :)

    Cool well we'll probably head over to nannas by 10:30 or so, so I'll see you there! :)
    Love ya xo

  4. Well I'll definitely bring my camera on Sunday anyway!
    do you know how excited I am, I love it when people volunteer to let me take their picture!!! :)
    Shorncliffe would be rad or whatever you end up picking I'm sure will be a great spot :)
    I think I'll be getting to mums around 10 and then will go from there, possibly end up being late, I'm not the most on time person I know, oops!


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