Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day Three - Latrobe

This entry is pretty much simply to brag that we saw a platypus in the wild!! One of my goals this year, before even dreaming up Tasmania was to see a platypus in the wild, it just turns out tassie has an abundance of wildlife and thus the chances of seeing a platypus were pretty good, especially in Latrobe, home to the platypus. My research told me dawn or dusk were our prime times, though since we spent much less time in Railton than expected we decided to wonder around latrobe's park to get a feel of the area and return back later before sunset. Not to carry the suspense any longer, at 1pm a platypus swims right past us, not only did it dispel the dawn/dusk myth it was also completely non shy as we sat watching it fish for food for about fifteen minutes or so. Definitely one of the coolest moments of our trip.

After being way too efficient with the day, we decided to press onwards to tomorrow's itinerary, crossing a few more big things off the list and checking out Devonport's lighthouse.

By the way I came up with the best accidental puns of the trip this day

Heading to find the big spud, I said to Ben "keep your eyes peeled"

And then on the way to the big apple and after getting slightly lost I told Ben,

"I'm not too cut up about finding it"

And after telling Ben I was pretty sure I saw a quoll he remarked "I'm not qualified to comment"

We cracked each other up :)


  1. Hahaha, you guys should have a litte "pun of the week" trophy or something hehe cute!!

    Speaking of cute (as I often do...sorry lol) PLATYPUS! How awesome is that little guy, or gal!

  2. platypuses are super cute!!

    I can never do puns intentionally, I envy those that are clever enough to do them!

  3. Ah I think they're better when they're unintentional :)


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