Friday, August 31, 2012

Day Three - Devonport

Devonport is home to a pretty red and white lighthouse, also one of the biggest towns we had ventured into. Lovely seaside town that we filled a couple of hours in.

Have I mentioned yet that Tasmania has bunnies, an amazing fact for a bunny loving queenslander like myself!!!

We contemplated sleeping in Devonport but I pushed onwards, actually we ended up sleeping/parking metres away from the beach in what was probably someone's backyard but that's a whole other blog entry :p


  1. Aw another windowsill kitty :)
    That is a very cool lighthouse - love the red stripes!
    And bunnies! Did you manage to catch one to pat it? I imagine they're pretty quick :)

  2. I think the tassie cats like the windowsills because the sun comes in! Well that was my theory anyway :p

    That bunny was super scared of me, unfortunately they all were...Ben was trying to chase it towards me but it was too clever for that :p


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