Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day Three - Tasmazia

Tasmazia was the bomb the largest botanical maze in the World!! It was cheesy, huge (8 mazes altogether) and well dare I say all round amazing! I read that you needed at least two hours, which normally equates to 1 but I can say we definitely took the two hours. We didn't see another soul in the maze either which made it all the more amazing...don't believe me, check out the photos....

Heck even the toilets were cute 'Wendy' and 'Peter' and they had the cutest resident cat who came and played with us!!!


  1. Oh my goodness this place looks brilliant!!!! :)
    If I'm ever in Tas I will most definitely check it out!
    And a cute kitten to top it all off!!
    :) super cute xoxo

  2. Yeah it was super rad you would of loved it!!! Reminded me lots of grandads lawn ornaments but on a bigger scale :)

  3. Yup I concur! Total Tasmazement! It's really cool with that fantastic-looking mountain as the backdrop too!


  4. Yeah Mt Roland totally sold the deal!


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