Monday, August 27, 2012

Day Three - Sheffield

We woke up and headed to the town of murals, another one street town but worth the stop in :)

Sheffield was also a handy for killing time before TASMAZIA opened .... until next time when I explain why Tasmazia was worthy of those capital letters :)


  1. Ooh what's that animal in the top pic? I probably should know that lol...bad Australian I am.
    It's cute though, whatever it is! :)

    Love the little old school toys :)
    Cool shots Fee!
    happy wednesday xo

  2. It's a wallaby, we actually don't see many in our neck of the woods we tend to have more the way that scientific information was purely gathered from my observations of road kill :p highly scientific! He he but yes they have lots of wallabies in tas, and unfortunately lots of wallaby road kill. They are super cute hey, sometimes kangaroos scare me, especially the big fellas! I've seen way too many "when animals attack" you tube style videos to know, those dude will kick you in the butt if necessary, lol

  3. Wallaby! Aw sad about road kill. I think I've only ever seen wallabies in zoos and at dreamworld etc.
    Kangaroos yeah they can hold their own - but they're so cute :) The ones at girraween are nice and placid, we'll just hang out with them hehe :)

  4. I too had only seen wallabies in zoos, always nice to see animals in the wild hey :) definitely sad about the insane amount of roadkill, apparently the tassie devils use to clean up the roadkill so lots of roadkill is even sadder because it's a sign that the Tasmanian's devils are facing extinction :(


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