Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day Two - To the Caves

In our Deloraine sculpture trail pamphlet (which you can get from their info centre or email them beforehand and they'll lovingly send you out one!) there was a cool looking, boat sculpture located at the Ashgrove Cheese Farm. Turns out Ashgrove cheese is pretty big in tas, well, judging by all the times we saw it pop up in shops over the week, also turns out they'd never heard of any boat sculpture. They did however have yummo cheeses and cool painted cows...a worthy detour in my opinion! After indulging in our cheese feast it was onwards to the caves but not before snapping away at a few more Big Things :)


and look at that beast of our car!


  1. YAAAAaaaay Tasmania trip!

    1) Your caravan is HUGE! How was that the cheapest one?!?!? Were the more expensive ones like, A MANSION ON WHEELS?

    2) Black Elderberry?! That sounds really exciting. Does it taste completely different to those elderflower cordials?

    3) Love the cow peeking out of the bushes! hehehe

    4) Guess you didn't go swimming in the waterfalls? The weather looks nice and sunny though so that must've been good!


  2. Definitely loving the cow poking out of the bushes haha! :)

    Love the shot of the van too, cute!

  3. Reply time :)
    I have no idea how that was the cheapest van maybe people like the more compact-ness!

    Black elderberry was good but I'd prefer it as a cordial because it was a little bit too strong in its pre-mixed state! Idea for life!

    No swimming on the trip no matter how inviting the water seemed!

    The cow in the bushes was my favourite by far :)



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