Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day Two - Marakoopa Caves

Our last stop, Marakoopa caves and my first time to see glow worms, aka fly larvae poo! Apparently in summer the cave gets about 100-200 but I was still happy with the 30 or so we saw. The cave system was rad, the first one Ben and I had seem with running water throughout! we were also the only two on our tour which was pretty nice as well! Before the cave the lady whom we had bought our tickets from suggested we go along the nature walk to the cave. Ben, in his attempts to photograph me some prett fungi, fell in the creek and had to be wet and cold for the whole tour. At night we decided to bunker up at Gowrie's park, aka a concrete pavement with fantastic views of Mt Roland. Ben decided he wanted luxury or at least to dry his clothes so we drove a few metres down to the caravan park where I had the worst shower of my life :p Still it was nice to finally use the aircon in our van, no complaints from me there :)

I assume on first glance this was a sexual harassment grabbing!

P.S. no photos of those glow work suckers, boo to their no photography rule!


  1. Eeek poor Ben!
    Glow worms though - how awesome!
    Hehehe I laughed at the sign as a no grabbing harassment sign :) It is a good rule of thumb though anyway hehe

    Ahh such awesome pictures, I'm enjoying the tassie blogs! :)

  2. Yeah poor Ben, I even offered to let him wear my trackie dacks and just do the tour in my thermals but he declined on that one :p

    Glow worms are cool and now i can marked them off my to do list :)

    Lovely to see you yesterday Heather!!


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