Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tasmania Day One

Woot finally up to blogging our Tassie trip! Ben was meant to go back to the desert last week but luckily after dropping him off at the airport he rang for me to come pick him back up, I happily obliged! My blogging does tend to suffer when Ben is around though :p Just a warning!
Back to Tasmania! We arrived in Tassie on Sunday the 29th in the late arvo and left early afternoon on Monday the 6th so just over a week to cram in as much goodness as possible. And cram we did :) After extensive tassie research the main consensus was that you couldn't do tassie in a week that people drove much slower on the roads compared with other parts of Australia and that you should spend a much longer time to really soak it all in. That would be fine if you had two + weeks but I just want to say one week is totally doable!

Ben luckily gave me the window seat so the two and a half hour plane trip just flew (get it!) as I became transfixed on the clouds! I've been on a plane a dozen or so times but I must usually fly at night or on cloudless days because the clouds I saw blew me away! (another pun?)
There was also some pretty sculptures at the airport....

Arriving in Launceston our first point of call was picking up our motor home, we went with one of the cheaper models so I was suspecting/hoping for a compact beast but oh my goodness how wrong I was. I couldn't believe how big she was and started freaking out about parking logistics. Turns out Ben did 99% of the driving so I really dodged a bullet and got the luxury of a huge home!
We drove to Woolworthes, picked up supplies (parked in the side street!) and then off to Liffey Falls to spend the night so we could wake up and walk to a waterfall! Probably wasn't the wisest move on our first night to drive on unsealed roads at night but we made it :)
First Impressions of Tasmania
Pink and purple sunset, cute cottages with chimneys, front lawn quirkiness, lots of nature, on the drive to the falls we saw wallabies, bunnies, tawny frog mouth owls, possums and lots of roadkill :(
We concluded Tasmania was like the other parts of Australia we've visited but with woodland charm!
It made for some lovely first impressions!


  1. Aww cuteness!! :)
    I am so impressed you guys did the driving a motor home around thing - I would be way too wussy and yes mostly for the parking :)
    It looks super cute though, was it comfy?
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who goes crazy for the beautiful cloud views out of airplanes hehe I haven't been on many flights but its definitely something I like about them. Nice puns by the way hehehe *thumbs up* ;)
    Yay I'm excited to read about your adventures weeeee!!

    I haven't found anything super exciting to do on saturday haha but we can just hang out, I thought maybe we could meet up here and we'll drive over to shorncliffe for lunch or something, go for a walk/waddle :) But let me know what time of day is better for you, cause I'm not worried :)

  2. You can definitely get away with not parking in tricky situations though in saying that I don't think I would of been too good with the city driving...thanks Ben!!!

    It was really comfy for wha it was, had a little kitchen areas, shower, toilet, though too cold to contemplate using the shower!

    Flying through clouds is one of the coolest things ever...love clouds!!!

    Shorncliffe sounds fun, there is a fete near bens house that we wanted to duck in before coming down, it starts at ten, I imagine half an hour to an hour will be long enough, can we come to your place around lunch? What would you like me to bring, do they have bbqs there? We could do hamburgers or something :). Too many questions, he he, excited to see you guys!!!

  3. For sure just give me a text when you're on your way! :) bbqs there take forever to cook on, I thought we might even pick some food up when u guys get here and take it over, like go to a bakery or something - does that sound ok?

  4. Sounds great heather!!!!!
    Can't wait :)


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