Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tasmania Day Two - Liffey Falls

So we got up early on our first official day in Tas! This morning was all about exploring Liffey Falls, which we had conveniently parked in the carpark outside of. Not sure we were allowed to park there but we couldn't locate the lower Liffey falls which apparently had a designated camp spot. During our winter week in Tas the sun rose at 7:30am and set at 5:30pm which meant semi sleeping in but as we made good use of the sun light hours, we found ourselves happily indulging.

We got up before the light and went trekking to the falls. Our whole exploration of the area took about two hours with lots of stopping to take pictures of fungi and moss, definitely of abundance in Tasmania. Tassie's nature really is majestic and their waterfalls put North Qlds waterfalls to shame! But hey we can probably swim in ours in winter :p

We said goodbye to Liffey and headed to the sweet town of Westbury to check out some big wicket stumps! Hey even in Tasmania I indulge in my big things :) Stay tuned!


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