Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 7 - Campbell Town

Campbell town is known for its historical red bridge (I think) we got there just as the sun was setting and used the remaining light feeding some ducks and utilising their free campground. The ducks were utterly scary, well the big guy anyway, you can probably pick him out from the pics below. A random lovely boy gave me a bag full of bread at the same time Ben had left, to get more bread from our van. Me alone with food and aggressive ducks isn't good. Ben took over the bread feeding when he returned to my cries of help and I learnt that perhaps the ducks weren't really that aggressive after all, they were actually super cute :)

We left Campbell town just as the sun rose for our final full day of excitement!!!


  1. Aww hehe duck attack! :)
    So cute of that little fella to share bread with you!

  2. Duck attack!!
    At least I learnt how to be less scared of ducks and yup totally awesome of that guy to give me bread, it was primo fruit loaf bread too, maybe that's why the ducks were so crazy!


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