Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 8 - Lake Leake, Blow Hole and Eddystone Lighthouse

The plan for the day was to see a man made lake (don't bother!) a blow hole (only if you have time to kill) and the bay of fires! Now I got my research badly muddled here, I thought the bay of fires was severely north east, let's just say we drove a long way to a lighthouse and not much else. Not too bag out Eddystone light house but if you want to see the bay of fires, a stroll around Bicheno where the blow hole is located is good enough! The bay of fires, famous for the lichen on the rocks which gives them their orange colour is pretty cool but once you have seen one rock you have seen them all :p Learn from my mistake!

Earlier on the day we stopped in at East Coast Nature World, I have lots of pics from the animal park so I'm going to pop them into a separate entry :)


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