Monday, September 17, 2012

Day Eight - Tasmania Devils

I'm use to my scary animals being completely enclosed but not at East Coast Nature World, their snakes and tassie devils live in enclosures you could literally lean over and reach inside if you had lost your marbles. I did though get to pat a Tasmania devil and it was the most delightful thing ever. I did a 360 on what I thought Tasmania devils were like (at least the females anyway) when the zoo keeper held 'Monster' up to her chest as she suckled out of an egg... It was the most sweetest thing ever, she was so snuggly. Also found out one of the reasons they got their name was when the sunlight shines their ears glow a red which reminded people of devil horns, which I thought was a cool fact. I hope they stick around and are able to fight their disease which unfortunately puts these cute guys on the threatened species/endangered list :(

Even though they can crunch through bone like we would through a sandwich, I still can only think...What cuties!!!



  1. Serious cuteness! :)
    Mum and dad liked these guys too when they saw some on their trip :)

  2. They were so cute! Even though I'd seen them at Australia zoo there wasn't that human interaction there so I just assumed Tassie devils were 100% aggressive but they are really so sweet!


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