Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 8 - East Coast Nature World

Also not on the itinerary but I'm glad we went, East Coast Nature World was definitely a lot more laid back than other zoos I've been to. Animals!!!! Who can not love animals :)

There were quite a few aggressive birds at the park especially the one above, the Cape Barren Goose! Ben kindly chased it away from me as it was narrowing in one me. Turns out this bird had his wife on eggs in the playground beside, we both felt a bit bad after that but Ben made friends with them and gave them some feed so all was forgotten! The draw card of East Coast World is still to come..stay tuned!



  1. Fee these photos make my heart smile! :)
    Gorgeous animals and super super awesome photography!

  2. Animals are definitely super fun to take photos of!!
    Love animals :)


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