Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day Five - Cradle Mountain

We left Tullah early to make sure we beat even the early risers to Cradle Mountain. Turned out our motorhome was not permitted the last 8kms to the base of the mountain. 7am and the shuttle bus to the base didn't operate till 9:30 so we decided to start walking. We walked 2 hours before this sweet couple drove us the rest of the way, we were still the first people there, so despite my first feelings of complete disappointment the day turned out amazing. Lots of ice smashing too, my first time thanks to Ben's enthusiasm, it's strangely addictive, like smashing glass without the clean up :p We didn't do the peak climb but the 3hr return to Marion's Lookout which was breathtaking!



  1. Fee oh my goodness these photos are amazing!!! Super impressed at your skills! :)
    Looks like a beautiful place

  2. Awww thanks heather! Was definitely a beautiful place, nice and easy to photograph!!!


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