Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day Four - Preston Falls and Leven Canyon

From Penguin we drove to Preston falls, an impressively step waterfall that isn't hard to get to afterwards we headed to Leven Canyon were we decided to have a well earned snooze in our van! That night we slept beside the river next to some old tyres in the sleepy town of Tullah which had extremely reasonable priced small store items!

We also saw our first rainbow, an impressive one too as I've never seen one reflect so close. After a few more days we learnt that Tasmania is all about the rainbows!

Other things I was beginning to learn

- Tasmania grows daphodilles beside the road

-lichen on the roads, house roofs, well just everywhere!

- lots of moss too...pretty pretty!

- Tassie doesn't have slow drivers but rather extreme drivers who take the windey roads at crazy fast speeds.

They do however have rude tractor drivers that make no effort to let you over take them.

Perhaps it was just an off week for them in Tas!




  1. Beautiful! Especially that rainbow shot - wow!
    Bad drivers - can't escape them anywhere hey!
    happy wednesday missy xx

  2. Yup bad drivers are everywhere!! Luckily rainbows make you forget them :p


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