Monday, September 10, 2012

Day Six - Geeveston to Kettering

We detoured to Geeveston for sushi and the Masaaki's sushi did not disappoint. We also had the most scrumptious pie at "the bears went over the mountain". We tried giving the lady a compliment by telling her milkshake was 9/10 we tried to convey our experience in milkshake tasting and that we never gave out a ten but she took it hard and started justifying the 9 by saying she ran out of real cream. That compliment backfired but gosh it was a damn good milkshake. I was beginning to learn Tasmania prides itself on its food :)


From Geeveston we drove to Kettering to take the last ferry to Bruny Island for the night. On the way we were greeted by more fabulous rainbows :)

No photos of Bruny perhaps because it was dark and too eventful to take out my camera. We waited for penguins that never showed but we heard, I ate the best oysters I've ever eaten, fresh off the island and we met Brinkey at the pub who thankfully got us unbogged. Previous to being unbogged we had tried many mcguyver-esque tactics to no avail and had half resigned to calling a tow truck in the morning from mainland tas to come get us. Thankfully Tasmania peeps are the kindest, Brinkey even took us to an awesome spot to sleep for the night...thanks for saving us Brinkey!



  1. Oh no - bogged!! Glad someone helped out!
    Mmmmm sushi! Lost me at oysters though sorry fee hehe but sushi - looks awesomely delicious :)
    Man that rainbow is so good - such clear bright colours! Tasmania seems to win at rainbows big time!
    Aww I giggled at the milkshake compliment backfire that's pretty cute :)
    Ok it's late so I'll stop rambling. Hope you're well chicken *mega hugs*

  2. I wish our rainbows matched Tasmania's ones, I wonder what makes them more spectatcular? Must be some earth location/weather/scientific stuff reason :p


    Love you heather!!!
    thinking of you big time


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