Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Rocky Egg

The other week Dad, Jake, Andrew, Ben and I went in search of an art sculpture Jake deemed "the rocky egg". We wouldn't have known about the Rocky Egg if it weren't for the controversy it had caused recently, making the newspaper rounds. In brief people were whining that the artwork was in a "remote section" and cost us taxpayers $700,000 (They always seem to throw in the word "tax payers" when they want people to be outraged!)

"They spent well over half a million dollars of taxpayer funds on an international artist to 'enhance' a remote area with art that is designed to eventually disappear." Some politician said :p

1) the area isn't remote actually it took us about 40minutes from my place in Nambour. You do need a 4wd as there is a creek crossing but apart from that the area has many happy tourists in the nearby camping areas in addition to, supplying well maintained walking tracks.

2) the artwork which is a pile of rocks is actually quite skilfully done and this idea of it disappearing is kind of the whole appeal. The strangler fig on top, over time, will strangle the artwork or become the artwork, probably not worth 700,000 but getting peeps like us off our butts and walking and enjoying nature, no crime in that! I'm a happily paying taxpayer :)

Onwards to the pictures!


  1. That is cool! :)
    Some of those creek shots are very whimsical fee! Love it :)

  2. Thanks Heather!!l can't wait to take photos of little Lucy!!


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