Friday, November 9, 2012

Life on Hold

The pause bottom is currently pressed on my life boom box, so I thought i'd swing by with a quick update. There are so many things I could say about my last few weeks but chaos is probably an appropriate word. On the 10th of October I found out my Grandma has leukaemia, acute McLeod leukaemia to be exact with a "six weeks to live" prognosis. It made every sense in the World to pack up my life and head down to Brisbane to be her carer. I'm almost one month into my stay and if I could describe my self I would say I've become very good at letting go of all those strange little things people do, to be themselves. My strength is that on the other side, I can return to all those things that make me, me :) Unfortunately Grandma can't, not in this World we know anyway. Today she was talking to her friend about why she always puts her clocks ten minutes fast, "to buy some time". Time and how you spend it as it ticks away at an incredibly slow but contradictory fast rate is one of the most interesting things. She told me today that when she is gone she wants people to come into her home and see how clean it is. So that's what I can do for her. When Grandma passes I've made a pact to myself to replace these last memories with some kinder ones I've always and always will keep strongly in my heart.

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