Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What to expect when your cast comes off

I think I need to write this post to warn people about what it means when your cast comes off. The magic of medicine means someone came up with this great idea to stick broken stuff in plaster and after 4-6 weeks the damage would have been repaired. Unfortunately immobilising a part of your body is also really unhelpful to the muscles. So my bone is all healed but my muscles are stuffed, it's really funny to look at my stick leg but also kinda depressing at the same time. 

To be honest, it almost feels like I'm back at square one. Just after I've got use to one crutch style, I'm now having to learn how to 'walk' again with my crutches and this walking keeps me up at night with pain. I'm a big believer in positivity but I think perhaps I had quite unrealistic expectations. I thought I could just work really hard and be back to walking within the week. The reality is that I'm still sitting in front of my computer, with my leg elevated for the swelling. I go to put on my compression sock and as I try to lift my bad leg up, it shakes as if I'd just run a marathon. So if you stumble across this and are about to have your cast off, please understand it's a slow process! Realistic expectations, are the key :)

Also there is a lot of dead skin! Gross! Lol I did save you guys from the pics of my 6 weeks worth of hairy-ness though, they recommend not shaving the first few days because the skin is so delicate but I couldn't help myself!

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