Monday, February 25, 2013

Moon Boot

So who knows what a moon boot is? I didn't until a few hours ago. My cast is off hurray! But unfortunately I've been strapped up into something very cast like and much heavier! So my realistic expectations pretty much came true. My cast definitely came off but I wasn't able to instantly walk, actually I couldn't move my foot at all once it was free from the cast...a mental thing, or physical..probably both! I'm allowed for the first two weeks to put a quarter of my weight on my useless foot but I'm still bound to my crutches and stiff in my moon boot. The real bad news came when I asked how long until I'm driving again...six weeks *gasp*. Six weeks seems to be the magic number and when I'm booked back into the hospital for, what I'm hoping is, my final checkup. The doctor said she hopes to see me, coming in on crutches, with no pain than walking in without out them in pain. *sigh*. I guess me and my crutches still have some time together.

The good news is that the moon boot is removable, so I can finally wash my foot and shave my very hairy leg! He he.

Oh and the Brisbane cast nurses totally paid out my cute Nambour cast man! How dare they, I tried to stick up for him! They used my cast as an example of what not to do and got all the nurses around to inspect. Apparently I got too much padding which made it difficult to get the cast off but hey it made my cast experience a dream. I told them my cast was super comfy and never gave me pain! They were also dubious of the glitter and asked if I had put it on myself. Apparently glitter is a rarity in the public hospital sector...score! I have to say despite there questioning of my amazing glitter cast, the Royal Brisbane Hospital has been a dream, super nice staff, quick waiting time and amazing help. I even got wheelchair escorted today!

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