Monday, March 11, 2013

Can't help but laugh

I think my insanely quiet blog needs something insanely random....ta daaa...

This is pretty much my worst nightmare but throw in a lion king reference and it's got me laughing.

So life update...
1) My moon boot is off today...hurrah.  It's now been exactly two months after my accident.  I'm meant to be putting full weight onto my foot but that aint going to happen.  It's still crazy stiff.  In four weeks im hoping I'm driving again, that's my goal :) I'm working on it.  Who would of thought this walking thing would be so difficult? Gosh I'm typing but getting distracted by that gif :P

2) Ben is back on Friday and that is super amazing, I've got a Ben countdown calendar and I'm crossing off each day.  For the two weeks he is back from his job, I'm going back up the coast to live/holiday at his house and then I'll see where life takes me after that.  Hopefully not bungee jumping!