Thursday, March 14, 2013


I have to share some amazing presents I've been given recently, well actually not so recently, but I can finally hold my camera and take proper pictures of them. You may see in the pink bag shot, two feet, I'm finally crutches free! I went to the physio on Tuesday and straight away she told me just to walk. Apparently my crutches and not putting 100% weight on my foot has been a bit of a mental thing.

I have to say, "walking" is still crazy slow, my foot is crazy stiff and every step I take I have to repeat to myself "walk normal" (my walking mantra) heck, it just doesn't feel like a pleasurable thing to walk. The physio actually told me my expectations of driving a week after my cast came off weren't completely unrealistic and apparently I'm just a slow healer. She said its also a little unusual to still have all the swelling I do have. Oh well, I'm on my way to recovery, these poor muscles and nerves have been working over drive! Enough rambling...present time!






Okay for those folks playing along at home, the bottom two artworks are from the lovely Phil, go check him out on Facebook. By the way did you notice the ladybug has her own cast!!! Next is that amazing pink bag from Emaya. She must be a mind reader because she bought the bag for me before I broke my ankle and it's been my broken ankle saviour. The one thing you really miss with a leg in a cast is the ability to carry things and since 99% of my other bags are across the shoulder style, a style that doesn't go to well with crutches, this backpack was perfect...perfectly cute :p. Finally, the very top photo is an amazing shell Lowie bought me back from cairns and next to it an amazing bamboo water bail he made. I love that he wrote "two gay dads" a hilarious sit-com we came up with one day in the car...'had to be there' style.


I'm lucky!


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