Friday, March 29, 2013


I've been having lots of fun with Ben and living with his room mates, I'm a little sad it's nearly all over. I feel like in the last few days my ankle has made major recovery but I'm still uncertain whether I'll be able to drive come Monday when Ben either drives me home or I drive him off to his work....d day....we'll see. I did have my first shell collecting adventure and it was amazing to "walk" along the beach :)

Score from the local church fete!

Gerberas from the lovely Mayuko!

Amazing raw food from a new cafe in Buderim called Ground..yummo!

Ben and his mates re-building their mud cob hut

Shell healing power! He he


  1. Aww the comments section is back! :) so good to see your ankle looking much better matey :) love that shell photo hee hee!
    Can't wait to see you next weekend lovey, oh and next time bens home can I request a catch up with both of you if there's time? :) hooray for fun times and walking again!! Xoxo

  2. I just finished writing a loving comment about comments and then the comment box ate my comment :P
    Oh well!
    But yes, catch up is definitely in order next time, I'm not sure how these two weeks just flew by and how ben is already going back tomorrow *super sad face*

    Walking is great and catching up is even greater! *love* Can't wait :)


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