Thursday, April 4, 2013


Ben has now gone back to work, I'm driving, I've still got a slight walking hobble and I'm currently living in Ben's is a funny thing. Everything seemed to have fell together in the last few days. Before Ben left we went road tripping and I got to photograph a few more Big Things for my Big Things blog :)

We drive far too many kms to photograph a not so Big Dinosaur :p I'm so happy I have such an obliging boyfriend :) The pyramid was a lucky find, randomly on someone's property surrounded by an electric fence! We also ended up at the Big Apple before finding our way to the Gold Coast where we hung out with Ben's family...more blog posts to come! By the way I miss Ben in ridiculous amounts, a few tears were shed when he left and that night curling up in his bed without him left me feeling a whole new sort of loneliness. Fingers crossed he'll be back sooner than 8 weeks this time :)


  1. Aww you poor monkey :( *big hugs for you!* hope its not 8 weeks again *fingers crossed*

    I've been to that dinosaur! hehehe I also had to have a photo with him/her :)
    That was a huge road trip matey!
    Glad you guys had fun though, and yes glad you're up and about driving again! *more big hugs*
    see you tomorrow!!

  2. Ben keeps getting my hopes up this will be a short work stint...eep *fingers crossed*

    aww you got a pic with the dino...he is cute huh!

    Can't wait for tomorrow :) weeee


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