Saturday, April 6, 2013

Good Coast Part 1

We got into the Gold Coast late in the afternoon after our Big Things adventures, said hellos to Bens family and then went online to find a hotel. I ended up booking a hotel using Ben's email and typing in "" instead of "". We never did get a confirmation email and it made for an awkward explanation at the check in desk but we got it sorted in the end :). The next day we went exploring, did some arcading, soaked up some sun and hang out with Bens family, good times!


  1. Awesome piccies Fee :)
    Hehehe - homail :)
    looks beautiful ahh beach holidays are the best!

  2. I definitely have new found love for the Gold Coast :)It's delightfully tacky

  3. I'm craving sunshine now. Your photos are beautiful!


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