Sunday, April 7, 2013

Gold Coast Part 2

We ended up staying three night at the Gold Coast in total. For our last night we crammed into Ben's brother's hotel room at the Mantra, it was a spiffy place. The kiosk at their pool also sold the best chocolate milkshakes + egg & bacon rolls, I fitted in two of each (in our short stay there :p). We ended up doing more sight seeing, arcade playing and also visited the local skate park. I wore my moon boot pretty much the whole time so I could do as much walking as possible. My ankle still ballooned up but after the holiday it looked the best I'd ever seen it. It's currently a week and a bit on as I write this and my ankle is looking strangely like normal. It's exciting stuff! I even managed an almost tippy toe today...yes!


  1. It is :) Living at the Sunshine Coast I never had the love for the Gold Coast (rivals) but since going a few times, I've fallen for it's tackiness!


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