Sunday, April 28, 2013


Things have been happening, like going to see a Blues Brothers tribute band (very fun), Chinese Restaurants vs trying to eat Healthy, does anyone else instantly regret their Chinese food decision? Anyways, life is good :) I'm much more mobile these days and trying not to take for granted the magic that is, being able to walk!

My new temporary home (at Bens place) until I get clearance for more work hours, so I can start looking for my own place again :) It's been an epic few months but I'm finally getting on my feet again (have I used that pun before??) lol, it's a good one!


  1. ahh so glad you're up and about again matey :) (nice pun by the way hehe)

  2. Thanks Heather!!
    Thanks for all your birthday love too, it really made my day :)
    You are a such a lovely person!

  3. that house looks dreamy and has a great light to take pictures :)
    i'm glad you are on your own two feet again,hope it just gets better as the year grows old!

  4. I think we are both lucky with the light in our houses! When I next move I'm making good light a per-requisite :)


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