Monday, April 29, 2013

The Bun Mobile

Ever since my friend, Kingy told me about the Bun Mobile, I've been having mad cravings. It probably didn't help that I added them to my Facebook page and was subjected to seeing their daily specials. The Bun Mobile is unfortunately in Brisbane (I always seem to have an excuse not to do the hour + drive down there) it just so happened though that my awesome friend Emaya was in town and keen on my Bun Mobile plan :)


Emaya's veggie burger below :)



It was a dream come true biting into my steamed bun roll! For those wondering, I went for the special of the day, the teriyaki chicken :) If you're in Brisbane check out their website they list which Brisbane location they'll be at each day as well as their daily special. They do lunch and dinner and I think they have a dessert option as well!



  1. I can definitely give it the yummy thumbs up approval :)

  2. It's dinner time here, i want to eat everythin you shown in your pictures <3


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