Monday, April 8, 2013

Maddie and Mike the teddy

When driving to the skatepark I noticed a giant's girls head peering over a dune. I had to go back and investigate! We made sure to stop on our way home from the Gold Coast to check her out...I think she is so neat :)


  1. How cool but very random! Great photos :)

  2. hahaha WHAT THE!?!?! That is so random! What is it doing there?

    I'm glad that your ankle's on the mend (:

  3. I believe it's just purely public art :) A lot of the comments I read on other sites, were of people outraged at this being called art, but I love it! Appeals to all my tacky/cute/random senses!

    On another random note, I had a dream about you last night Emaya, we were traveling together and you were composing a photography book of random people's houses but without their permission aka you just walked into people's homes and took pictures. It was actually an amazing awesome dream!


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