Monday, May 6, 2013

Alfred Birthday Cake

In the 90s their was a show called Johnson and friends which got played on ABC in Australia. I recently scored an ABC kids cake book and decided to make Alfred, the hot water bottle for Matty's 21st cake :) It was slightly random but Matty recognised who it was so that's all that really matters :)


Alfred Birthday cake





  1. Ahhh there he is! Awesome work Fee, spot on! :)
    I hope you're feeling a tiny bit better? Poor missy. Lucy's doc has just had it too, if its the same type of flu she said its really tough to shake. Rest up! Chicken soup! I've never had that for a flu but everything I've ever seen on TV says chicken soup is good flu food :)
    loves xox

  2. Thanks Heddie!
    Yeah this flu is a killer, and it randomly gives you one conjunctive eye, lol. When Ben had his weirdo eye, it meant he was on the mend so I'm taking that as a good sign, lol. Gosh that was so random.

    Mmm, chicken soup, even if it does nothing for flues it's delicous!

  3. Alfred's the hot water bottle! Ahhh I remember now (: (: Great work Fee! I love character cakes!

  4. sweet, I'm glad he was recognisable :)

  5. haha wow, I completely forgot about johnson and friends! that is a brilliant cake! I can only imagine the other brilliant cakes waiting to be cooked in that ABC cookbook! what an awesome find!

  6. Yeah the next one I really want to do is the cat from his name Diddle? Anyway he is awesome!


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