Sunday, May 5, 2013

Little Mermaid

My middle brother Matty, turned 21 on Wednesday and for his Birthday I painted a picture of him and Ariel. He has a slight love obsession for the red head cutie! If I can take a moment to confess, I only just recently watched the little mermaid for the first time. G rowing up being the only girl, I wasn't exposed to a lot of overly girly movies, but now, I can thank Matty, for showing me the Little Mermaid light! :)
I actually remembered to take in between shots when doing this painting, yay!
I always like seeing others works in progress shots :)
Sketch time! Her hair was my favourite part!!

Laying down the first wash of background colour

Adding in more colour

Laying down some pen work!

Finished...ta daaa!


  1. lovely present,i wish i knew how to draw :)

  2. I think everyone can draw, just need lots of practice :)

  3. Haha ah now Matty's post makes more sense! :) want to know something - little mermaid was my fave Disney movie as a kid :) used to play mermaids in the pool whenever we went to the coast lol
    That drawing is super awesome fee, love it!!!
    Happy birthday Matty!!!

  4. That so cute you played mermaids! I wish I had seen it as a kid, it's an awesome movie, very sweet :) Probably would of been my fav too!

  5. oh my goodness! this is so cute - and you are so talented!


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