Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Echidna Adventures - Maroochy Botanical Gardens

We headed down to the Maroochy Bushland botanical gardens on the weekend and not to give the last photo away but....I saw an echidna in real life!!! We actually missed him when we first walked past but thanks to some kids coming up to us asking where the snake was (Daz was re-telling a previous snake encounter story) the kid's parents gave us the inside, echidna location, scope! To be the hero of the story, everyone thought the echidna would be long gone but I convinced them to go back and lucky for me the echidna was still there, hiding in some leaves. We waited a little while to see if the echidna would stick his head out but no such luck, they're shy guys :p Still, I can now tick echidna off my 'Australian animals to see in the wild' bucket list! Still need to see a Koala!







  1. Botanical gardens are such a bliss!

  2. we're definitely lucky to live around some nice nature spots :)


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