Wednesday, May 22, 2013

House Sitting at Lucy's

On the weekend Ben had to animal sit for his friend Lucy and I tagged along :) Lucy has the coolest place and the nicest animals. Her brother also has my favourite dog ever, Beamer but he was out having his own adventures, so it was just Ben, me, the chickens and Tyler, the cat :). I'll blog about Tyler later (I took way too many photos) for now, some of my fav shots from Lucy's place :) By the way Lucy has cable, oh my goodness my trash, reality tv dreams were fulfilled!








  1. Lucy has a great house :)

    house sitting is a great hobby of mine :P

    i love your deck of cards & wonderful photos*

  2. I'd happily house sit more often too!


  3. I'll know who to call on if we ever need our house sat :) xo


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