Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Eggs Benny

I had to get up at 5 am (way too early!) this morning to drop off Ben and Lowie to their seismic jobs. When I say I had to, I did get to snooze on the drive down to Brisbane which turned out to be the most glorious indulgent sleep I've ever had, the kind where you don't take a minute of snooze for granted, you're extra cosy and the pillow is being all kinds of soft, ahhh, magical! What is not so magical is tonight, falling asleep alone. Luckily Ben's hitch is only three weeks this time, so that is magical. What else is magical is Ben and our last breakfast cook up! It was sooo good, even if the chickens did harass us all, as we sat down the back eating in the winter sun :) After taking this photo Daz joked and said "you're not going to Facebook that pic?" and I laughed back and said, "no I'm going to blog it" (nothing wrong with take photos of your food right?!? Lol)

I've had such fun times with Ben of late that it makes me even sadder he is gone. I've captured a moment in my head and I keep reliving it. The moment goes a little something like this, Ben bought a new (to him) car and the previous owner's CDs was still in the player, from that CD Ben discovered that "call me maybe song" which meant just yesterday we were rockin' out to it in his car as we drove to take pictures of a Big Dinosaur, which I need to get onto editing! I'm so happy I get to date someone who embraces lame things as much as me, well maybe not as much as me but he definitely let's me indulge in them and joins me on my lame quests :)
It's true what they say though, absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder :)


  1. Aww, it's so hard to be away from someone you love for a long time. Hope it goes ok for you. And that plate of food looks absolutely delicious!

  2. got to stay busy :) it was super delicious!

  3. long time no see eggs benedict. i just ate but this makes me soooo hungry

  4. I hate when food posts do that :P Sorry!

  5. YUM! That looks yummalicious fee! Only time I've had eggs Benny was at the hotel Dan and I stayed at on our wedding night as part of reception package - super fancy restaurant we wandered into in t shirts lol! Point of that ramble - eggs Benny are yum and I'm coming round for breakfast sometime ;)
    Aw sadness that bens working - good that its only 3 weeks this time though! It is nice to have someone you can be yourself with :) you 2 are super cute *pokes* :)

  6. Oh man now I'm making myself hungry looking back on at this photo, it was super yummo. I guess I should say that Daz was the genius behind the actual sauce, I just fried stuff :) Yeah I think three weeks will fly by! weeeeee

    Nothing like being cas' in a fancy place, I do that all the time! he he


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