Saturday, June 15, 2013

Moth Queen

One of Ben's many nicknames for me is Moth Queen, actually I think that might be the rapper name he gave me but unfortunately I can't rap, oops! I do love moths though, I remember when I was little my best friend in my ballet class and I used to go around collecting the dead moths off the ground before class, lol. We bonded through our strange-ness :) She was rad whilst all the other chicks were mean rich brats, who probably made fun of us for our moth addiction :p. Anyway I spotted this huge moth sitting outside a gym window the other day and had to snap a picture :) Did you know that moths are just misunderstood butterflies :p
In other news it's house auction day today...will we be moving or not...da da daaaa!


  1. I'm a little scared of butterflies, but moths are terrifying! It was after I saw this huge moth, possibly bigger than a sparrow!
    but I'm scared of every bugs and insects, so don't mind me!

  2. Awww don't worry I'm scared of so many things! My little bro is really scared of moths, I think it's when their wings flutter around in his personal bubble. I can see how big moths especially could be scary!

  3. I think moths aren't loved because at first sight they are not 'pretty' like a butterfly should be...
    My cats eat them,maybe because (thank god) we don´t have mousses for them to catch :)

  4. Yeah it's funny how, how we perceive beauty or prettiness but that's a whole other debate :P

    Oh my goodness, our house needs a cat because we have mice! Our resident cat died a few months back now and she kept the numbers down. A cat this year IS in the cards :) Can't wait!

  5. My mom used to tell me moths are dead souls of people who have come to see us one last time. My god granny passed away when I was in Hawaii years ago and a moth appeared in my room. I like to think it was her saying her final good bye.

  6. wow I love that it's so beautiful, thanks for sharing will definitely remember this :)


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