Monday, June 17, 2013


and then this happened...


We have six months though before we're booted out, which is amazing and probably the best outcome. It's good not to stay stagnant somewhere but it's also nice to not be rushed too :p Life is good!


  1. It looks like this is a positive thing outcome therefore I am happy for you. I have to agree with you, being stagnant is just not a good thing. I often worry if I'll ever be able to 'settle' someplace, because I become bored so easily. I have this incredible thirst to just "move on", I always want to discover what's out there.

  2. Yeah definitely a positive outcome, it's definitely good to have that thirst, sometimes I can loose mine :P

  3. Oh my goodness I totally missed this post!
    Well I'm happy that you're happy honey :) Are you thinking of staying around the area? I hope you can find somewhere new that you love xxxx

  4. yeah, it means no pressure so that's always good :) I don't think I could afford Buderim too ritzy! I'd definitely have to take a look around the more cheaper areas :P


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