Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Biggenden - Dogs

The lucky last Biggenden post and it's all about the dogs, little Scooter and shy boy, Mac, both amazing dogs :)
Scooter likes to be cradled like a baby and Mac is the most gentle dog I know!

 photo scooty_gif2.gif 
Couldn't help but make this gif of scooter! Being rocked like a baby, he he he

Mac waiting for his ball to be thrown :)

Actually all those photos are probably of Mac waiting for his ball to be thrown :P


  1. they're the nicest dogs I'd happily steal them :)

  2. Aww puppies :) so sweet!
    All gorgeous pics of your visit!
    Hope you're well matey, miss ya xx

  3. oh y he's so photogenic- love the 1st animation :D Come meet my little pooch!

  4. Thanks guys! Looking forward to our catch up Heather xoxo

  5. Hahaha. So cute. Gosh he wants you to throw that ball so very much.

  6. he definitely was nuts for that tennis ball :P

  7. Max is beautiful! And so photogenic. I've not photographed my dog Frankie for ages. Mostly because she doesn't like to keep still.

  8. They're tricky buggers, maybe you can do my trick and take a shot whilst he is waiting patiently for the ball :P

  9. They are great <3
    and your picture are wonderful!


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