Friday, August 2, 2013

Oblina the coolest chicken ever!

I'm so stoked to share this post :) Guess who finally got her own chicken!! A few weeks back Daz, Lowie, Ben and I went down and visited this crazy bird lady on the Coast (only crazy because she has a lot of birds!!!) The boys have always had chickens but this was my first time getting to pick my own! We made our way to the pen with all the chickens inside and everyone had to grab one. I think Daz was first, he got himself an Isa brown which he named Ella (after a German backpacker?!?) lol. Lowie was second and got himself a black chicken with brown neck feathers, which he called Mumma, after Mother Teresa. Mumma put up a fight and we suspected she was going to be the most rowdy of the bunch! Next came Ben and he plucked up Pot Pie another Isa Brown! Finally came fee, yes lucky last (I'm not a very good chicken catcher) luckily along came Oblina, the best chicken ever who let me pick her up with no hassle or fight!

On the way back I was thinking I had picked the chicken that was going to get bullied, history had taught us that chickens have pecking orders! I had to rush off to work and when I arrived home I got the chicken update and guess who was the leader...Oblina!! Wow. She is the friendliest chicken, she comes over when you feed them and she is so cute and awesome! The other chickens are nice too but Oblina is the best (I hope none of the boys read my blog!). I have some serious chicken love!

P.S. you're officially cool if you know where the name Oblina comes!
Hint: kids show, ABC, 90s!


  1. Ahh I'm officially cool ;) she was my fave character, definitely a super name for a chicken!
    Yay for having the best chicken hehe gotta admit I have a little chicken phobia after having some crazy ones go after me lol but obliba is a pretty chicken, its good she's a friendly girl :)

  2. My father has like 30 chickens!but he eats them,eventually :/
    not nice!

  3. Heddie: Yay you're officially cool but I knew that already :P This sounds like my cat phobia, I've only ever known nice chickens that will let you pick them up, so I think they're rad but I do have this slight fear of things that can run after you with beaks so I understand :) You'll have to come up and I'll ease you into the nice chicken world with oblina!

    Sara: I eat chickens too, I'm the World's biggest hypocrite :( I need to work on that! 30 chickens is a lot, are they they friendly kind?

  4. Adorable little chicken! PS, I'm trying to get into the habit of commenting again! So expect to hear more from me :]

  5. Usually they don't notice humans very much,i eat meat,but i eat less and less (like once a week or so) as the time goes by because my body does not digest it very well !
    But as a grew in a farm and watched people kill the animals i cannot eat bunnies since i'm ten and goat or lamb either...
    i think it's a cultural thing and for me it was all about being lazy in my teenage years and learn how to cook other things and for my mom it took a lot of time to understand why on earth would i not eat meat!

  6. Good for you having your own chicken. She's very cute. I wish we were allowed to have them in Toronto. There are some cities where keeping chickens is allowed, but alas, mine is not one of them. Would be neat though.

    I personally don't eat chicken but I love eggs!

  7. Nicole: yay!

    Sara: I personally think we should all have to kill what we eat, but again I'm the World's biggest hypocrite! It's been on my mind a lot lately, especially living with vegetarians.

    Lou lou: I didn't know there were some places were you weren't allowed to keep chickens. Yikes we might have restrictions too :P I love eggs, its so nice to be able to go down and collect them from the pen..maybe they'll change your chicken laws!

  8. This is adorable! I grew up having chickens in the yard and I always got to feed them. They would peck me like crazy so I always thought they were crazy and they scared me, but they were still kinda cute :D

  9. I think if I ever encountered a chicken that pecked me I'd be scarred for life :P I'm lucky to have only had nice encounters I think. I'm glad you still managed to think they were cute :)


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