Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ekka - Night time

This is the final blog post for my Ekka adventures. This year they changed up the night show a bit and dare I say made it, trendier! I really enjoyed it, there were flames, lasers, dancers, music and of course fireworks (that's why we got there early, right?)

 It's a whole different World at night!


  1. Lovely pictures! Looks like so much fun. Especially the Haunted house, that's exactly my thing! :D

  2. I love fireworks! great shots of them. You sound you have a blast that night!

  3. Sweet fireworks show! They look so bright and colorful ♥

  4. Loving the photos of the fireworks. I never seem to be able to photograph them well.

  5. I've got a cheat sheet that I use, if you have a camera with a manual setting, this is my go-to formula:
    ISO: 200
    Fstop 5.6
    shutter 1"

    I change it around a bit, the more fireworks the brighter it will be, so you have to play around with the shutter speed, it's fun though and I think I'm finally getting the hang of it after a lot of failed attempts!

  6. Oh i'm a sucker for fireworks <3

  7. Awesome photos Fee!
    Can't wait to go next year with the wee one.
    Fireworks are amazing, lets hope Lucy's not one of those kids who are scared of them hahaha!


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