Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ekka - Side Show Alley

Sideshow alley is my favourite part of the ekka to photograph, lots of colours, people, tacky signs and artwork :) I love it so much I'm considering getting that first photo below blown up huge and hung in my room! 

These water balls looked like so much fun, I was seriously tempted to go on it, the weight limit was 80kgs but the staff seemed to struggle with anyone over the age of ten so I thought better of it :p

 What's an Ekka without dolls on sticks :P

I took this shot from the mini Ferris wheel Jake and I went on, we actually scored free tickets (as someone pushed in front of us) but our first ride went for so long we never did go back on it :p you don't normally say that about rides but Jake and I seriously thought they may have forgotten about us!

No problems pushing Jake into the water!

Whilst we were on the Ferris wheel, Andrew got addicted to basketball

He also went on the zipper, crazy boy! Dodgem cars are my limit!

Okay I'll let the pictures do the talking now :)

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  1. I totally want to get into one of those balls! Looks like so much fun

  2. oooh so many colours! I reckon that top photo would look awesome blown up!

  3. yeah I think it would look great huge and framed, would make me smile anyway :)

  4. Seems like disney world to me :D

  5. This place looks like a whole lot of fun. I love the whole "carnival/fair" atmosphere. It's always such a good time, and without a doubt they always have the BEST food. Funnel cakes....YUMMMM

  6. I'm in love with these photos. They're so colorful and bright! I feel like they just exude happiness. I'm sure that print came out brilliantly :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  7. Ahh the Zipper...nooooo!! Hahaha memories.
    Aw I giggled at you and Jake on the ferris wheel haha were you calling out to the dude as you went around? :)
    that water ball thing looks amazing, did Jake like it?

  8. I'm not as assertive as Jake, but Jake was definitely letting them know they may have forgotten about us, everytime we went past :P


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