Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Monkey Land

Monkey Land from Fee Harding on Vimeo.

My boyfriend brings me back magical gifts from small country towns when he travels, this is one of them!!


  1. It is so sweet! Thank you for the lovely comment regarding my artwork, appreciate the encouragement x

  2. That is so super amazing!!! I love it!
    Have you been to sunnybank lately fee, they have a morning glory! and a few other random shops with cool goodies :)
    Hope youre going well chook, not long til Ben's home now?

  3. so sweet! could watch that for hours haha

  4. Aww no problems Katrina :)

    Heather! I haven't been to Sunnybank...morning glory, what! I didn't that shop still existed!! I think another three weeks till Ben is home, we're at the half way point, woohoo!

    I too could watch it for hours and perhaps did when I first got it :P

  5. Yes! I thought they were all gone too but no! :) there was lots of awesome stuff, wish I had lots of moolah to spend there but made do with looking for a long time, some might say too long hehe.
    I think you and Ben would enjoy, there's also a pretty neat looking games place in the food court :)

  6. ahh we will definitely go! So Morning Glory is unfortunately still super expensive then? I remember only being able to afford erasers in high school, actually probably still can only affords those erasers! lol


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