Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sailor Moon Necklace

I've been eyeing off, Kuma Crafts amazing Sailor Moon necklace for ages now and finally decided to treat myself with the sailor moon transformation brooch (anyone a parks and recs fan?)

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For those, not in the know, Serena (above) is just an ordinary school girl when a black cat named Luna gives her a brooch/compact which transforms Serena into Sailor Moon(below), ta da! magic :)

The necklace unfortunately doesn't transform me, but it's still all sorts of rad! I can't wait until the Luna necklace isn't sold out so I can grab one of those too :)


  1. Sailor moon <3 one of my fave cartoons of all times!

  2. OMGosh!!.. I like sailor moon too!
    what amazing accesories!!

    Lore - Pinkadicta

  3. :) :) for sailor moon fans!

  4. OMG that is THE BEST i love sailor moon!! too cute!
    p.s your icons aren't showing up on the side? not sure if it's mean't to be like that?

  5. Thanks for the heads up Kat, no idea what was going on there, I probably shouldn't mess with my layout when I get bored :P

  6. Aw I remember watching Sailor Moon growing up. This necklace is too darling ♥

  7. nice stuff, I like the diamond/ gem in the middle.

    i like parks and recreation, my boyfriend has just introduced them to me. i will catch up with all the seasons once I am finished with sopranos, and well, breaking bad! eek.

    i've never heard of sailor moon cartoons, i ll check it out

    The Young Bridget Jones

  8. Parks and Recs is great, a really loveable show :) Sailor moon is an older cartoon, it use to play on the tellie when I was back in highschool (mnay moons ago) I'm not sure if it's worth tracking down now or if nostalgia keeps it alive :P

  9. How gorgeous! I love sailor moon.

  10. Oooh! Must jump to Kuma crafts shop right now! Love it! :) Sailor Moon was a favorite! As you said I've never seen a rerun so not sure how I will find it now ;) but the style and look of the show is wonderful.

  11. yeah probably definitely living in the land of nostalgia but there is nothing wrong with that :) he he


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